We, SD PC Care started working in 2010 and the idea of launching this technical platform was to bring more technical awareness and It should be convenient for people to get their computers and printers fixed. Many big companies in USA & Canada were taking advantage of people who were not tech savvy and customers were paying more for repair than actual price of their device so we launched this technical platform, not to only fix our customer’s technical issues only but to make them aware about new technology and processes so that they should not be ripped off.  SD PC Care started with 5 teams of 10 Technicians each and after seven years we have 23 teams having 15 Technicians each. As a company, we never focused on numbers we always focused on customer satisfaction. Our motto has been to become such a technical platform which has great potential to fix all kinds of technical issue in lesser time with no integrity issue at all.

SD PC Care provides technical support on all brands computers, laptops, printers, Mac book and all other peripheral devices. We have dedicated teams which are isolated as per brand which they work on. For an example: Team dedicated to HP will work on only HP’s computers and printers and Team dedicated to Apple will work on only Mac devices.  We have designed and trained our teams in this way that our customers will get extraordinary service each and every time they call and Agenda of all teams is the same and that is “Customer Satisfaction”. The idea of isolating teams as per brand which they work on is to bring more experience and expertise to our technical advisors so that they get so expert in one particular brand and fix any complicated issue as soon as possible which will ultimately make our customers happy.  Since we are isolated from many teams but we remain the same for our customers, No matter which brands device they have, they will call the same phone number for all. For an example: If a customer has Dell’s computer and HP’s printer then he will call the same phone number and get both fixed.

We always want to leave our customers with wonderful experience every time they call so Our Technicians work on FCR parameter. FCR stands for First Call Resolution. Our Technicians are trained and supervised in this way that our customers get their issues fixed on the first call itself. If their issue has not been fixed in the first call about that particular problem then we offer a full refund. Yes, you read it right. If our technicians are not able to fix your issue on the first call, then you can ask for a full refund. Without any arguments, your money will be refunded back to you.