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Technical Support


Computers and printers are machines and it’s terrible when these machines stop working and every time you need help, you are left with a long bill of Troubleshooting your device and fixing it with no assurance that you will not have the same problem again therefore We, SD PC has launched a Technical Support platform where all brand’s devices will be fixed and serviced under one roof.

Our subscriptions are designed in this way that our customers will not need to worry about any Technical Issues that they may have in future because all of them will be covered under the same subscription.


Do not pay more than you should

Sometimes when we calculate, we see many customers end up paying more for repair than the price of the Actual Device so our subscriptions and their costs are designed in this way that our customer will never feel any burden on their pocket when paying for the subscription.

Tired of Tech Support calls? Try SD PC

We have tried our best to make sure people who are not tech savvy, should not be ripped off by Tech Support companies so we have designed our operations in this way that We will not be only fixing our customer’s technical issues, we will make sure that they know where the issues are coming from and what actions will be taken, in order to fix them. The idea of practicing such call flow is to make people more aware of the technical things.

It’s not Technical Support, It’s People Support

SD PC, promises you more than just Technical support and we like to call it “People Support” rather than Technical support. If you are tired of technical support scams and yet to experience the benefits of a good technical support then, SD PC is committed to exceeding your expectations every time you call us.